Cheer on Our Runners!

Join us at a prime cheering spot at mile 24, on Fifth Avenue at the GallopNYC Cheer Zone – prime marathon viewing! 

Help celebrate our runners on Sunday, November 4th, 10am – 6pm! 

If you would like to join our Cheer Zone please RSVP to [email protected] by Nov. 1st, and let us know the hours you would like to be there.  The space is limited so it will be first come first serve.  We will have pom poms and cowbells, and lots of team spirit. 

Meet Our Runners
Mason Burke

Help support Mason Burke in the TCS New York City Marathon! 

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Charlotte Jacobus

“I’m running my first marathon at age 18.  It’s a little daunting, and a little scary.  But I know a thing or two about courage because I have volunteered at GallopNYC and I have seen courage on the face of the children with disabilities that GallopNYC serves.  I am proud to run for Team GallopNYC.”

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Jenise Morgan

“I had the great joy and privilege of riding and showing horses as a child/teenager. They taught me so much: how to love and eventually let go, how to work hard and have fun, and how to win and lose gracefully. I can only imagine how important riding is to GallopNYC’s students and am thrilled to run on their behalf!”

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Ed Michel

Ed Michel is showing that he Believes in Ability by running the TCS New York City Marathon. Help support his run!

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Jessica Coyne

“I applied to run for GallopNYC because I strongly believe that individuals with and without disabilities benefit from therapeutic horsemanship.” 

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