16 July 2017

After the Day Lilies

The next set of lilies is in bloom. These are day lily cultivars, a little fancy, and they bloom later:  

The really exotic lilies are about to strut their stuff, standing tall with battalions of buds:

We also have some new wildflowers in the bed behind the bench. Most have bloomed by now, but a couple haven’t – and I don’t know the names even of all the ones that have:

I also found something growing in a wooded area, a wild thing I didn’t plant.

The flowers are bell-shaped and the leaves narrow. Some kind of lily? An orchid? Syrup doesn’t know either.

The last time I sent a donation to Arbor Day I received a packet of mixed bulbs, which I planted in a new bed I cleared near the pines. James gave me a lovely big bag of composted manure, with which I enriched the soil before I planted them. Here’s the bed (with one lone tomato plant and some pretty wildflowers visible). You can’t see the bulbs – yet – but one is already up!

The Caton strip is (once again) completely different: no more spring bulbs or irises or day lilies – but bee balm and black-eyed Susans — and asters and goldenrods coming up next:

It’s SO Exciting !