Meet the horse nettle!

I like weeds, most of them. But, even though they’re pretty, I don’t like horse nettles. Why? Well, for starters, they’re covered with sharp little prickles, even the leaves. And they grow by sending roots sideways under the soil and coming up in unexpected places.  So today I spent most of my time digging out […]

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Today’s trick question —

What color is an iris? There are also the flag irises (the yellow ones open first, purple later): And the Italian arum, the fancy spirea, the daisy fleabane – even the grasses are in bloom!   We also have a new tree: a purple-leafed plum: And the roses and bishop’s weed are in bloom too! […]

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What does a Gardener DO?

Well, we dig and water and weed and plant – but we also pay attention and try to work with the soil and light conditions. And we are the most hopeful people you’ll ever meet: we know that something good is always just around the corner. Right now the gloriously blooming strip along Caton has […]

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Flowers! Already!

We have snowdrops: And crocuses: And the wonderful-smelling winter honeysuckle: All the bulbs on the Caton Strip are up, ready to bloom soon and even the rosebushes are sending out new growth: It’s going to be a wonderful spring!

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Winter on the Green

Winter is never lifeless. Many of the plants that live for years die back to the ground, but if you look you can see the new leaves waiting to grow: Sedum                                                                            Chrysanthemum Mullein and hollyhock Asters Then there are the plants that are green all winter long:   Various groundcovers                   Wild strawberries                                                        […]

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Introducing GallopNYC Forest Hills!

GallopNYC is pleased to announce the acquisition of the horse stables near Forest Park, Queens, operated for many years as Lynne’s Riding School, at 88-03 70th Road, Forest Hills, NY 11375. The stable will be known as GallopNYC Forest Hills. GallopNYC plans to use the stable primarily for full time therapeutic riding programming, but will […]

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