Gardens at Bowling Green

Have you been watching the Garden?

Here’s the latest on the Green. Remember I told you to watch this space? Did you? The tulips are beginning! And the fruit trees are in bloom: Peach \\ Cherry: and plum. And yes, they will all make fruit. The dandelions and the first violets are in bloom: As are the ornamental pear and the […]

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What’s UP in the Garden!

GallopNYC will be back in the Green soon — March 29! and spring is coming back too, despite the snow that’s predicted. The snowdrop buds have opened. (Hmmm… was that condensation on Barabara’s lens)? Tulips! Daffodils! And under mess of plastic strips and dead leaves deep inside a rosebush — ..a robin’s nest from last […]

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Were you Watching? (Signs of Spring)

Did you blink? The snow has melted. And — what’s that green? The spring bulbs are coming up!   The columbines are sending up new shoots – … and so are the hellebores. The green shoots will be new leaves; the purple ones are flower stalks.   And the snowdrops are coming up around the […]

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Watch this Space (in the Garden)

The beautiful elm outside the Green is getting ready to burst its buds. Look how dense its crown has become! The ground covers waiting under the snow can be seen again as it begins to melt. The winter honeysuckle next to the cabin is finally shedding the leaves it kept all winter, because… …its new […]

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HInts that Spring is Coming to the Green

If you have eyes to see, spring is already approaching. The purple blush on the blueberry stems and the green rose canes show that they are very much alive. The hellebore has sent up fresh green leaves and will soon follow them with flower stalks.  The cornelian cherries (a type of dogwood) are almost the […]

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Bowling Green Garden Update

The show is far from over! Blooming right now are: Sweet alyssums (which have been at it all summer long) chrysanthemums, asters, both purple and white (the name means “stars”) and thoroughwort, a toxic wildflower (don’t eat it!) that makes fuzzy parachutes for its seeds so they’ll spread all over Several other plants are making […]

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