Equestrian Team Sponsored By Centennial Bank

The GallopNYC Equestrian Team sponsored by Centennial Bank is a group of our riders who participate in competitions for riders with disabilities at United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) rated hunter jumper shows.  We are proud that each of our riders in past years have qualified for the Championship Final at the Hampton Classic Horse Show. 

Due to COVID-19, the equestrian team is currently paused.

Centennial Bank Equestrian Team Testimonials

Centennial Bank Equestrian Team Testimonials

Benefits for Our Riders


At GallopNYC we Believe in Ability – and competitive riding gives GallopNYC riders a whole new perspective on what they can achieve.  We encourage them to test themselves, strive for new goals, and trust their hard work.  Benefits include developing:

  • Mastery of a competitive discipline
  • Social interaction and teamwork
  • Leadership skills and comportment
  • A sense of responsibility for following instructions and rules
  • Focus and attention level
  • Respect for fellow competitors, judges, officials, and coaches
  • Muscular strength and physical skills


GallopNYC has partnered with the LIHSSRD to participate in shows for riders with disabilities. The show is open to all riders with a documented disability.  Riders enter class divisions based on their riding ability and are judged on their performance. The judging criteria consists of rider balance, seat, use of aids, horsemanship, control of horse, ring etiquette, safety, and sportsmanlike conduct. The top ten riders in each division qualify for the LIHSSRD Championship Finals, held annually at The Hampton Classic Horse Show in Bridgehampton, NY.