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Why GallopNYC?

By Sol Reischer

GallopNYC is an organization that is very close to my heart. My daughter was born with Cerebral Palsy, and when she was diagnosed, our team of doctors hypothesized not only that her life would be challenging, but that her condition would worsen with age. Yet at three years old, despite medical predictions, she began learning how to walk with a walker, and her hopeful rehab specialist recommended we enroll her in therapeutic horseback riding. 

Scary as it may have been for a concerned parent, it proved to be the best, most fruitful, and must therapeutic experience we have ever encountered. This is how my daughter and I became involved with GallopNYC. 

Over the years, though my daughter has graduated from therapeutic horseback riding and gone onto achieve great success in the able-bodied competitive equestrian circuit, our involvement with GallopNYC has not only remained, but increased. I essentially came out of retirement to pursue an active membership within GallopNYC’s board, bringing my previous thirty years of Wall Street and managerial experience to the table as we sought to expand the organization. This materialized in my mission to secure two full-time facilities for GallopNYC to base the programs out of. 

As for my daughter, she regularly works with the stable management team to grow and improve our herd of horses, offering precise training and schooling to the horses so that they can perform their best for our riders. From watching my daughter, serving on the board, and interacting with volunteers, I have witnessed time and time again how GallopNYC has enabled and changed the lives of New Yorkers with disabilities. The rewards my daughter reaped from her participation in GallopNYC were miraculous, and it warms my heart every day to be involved in another family’s miracle. The encouraging and dedicated volunteers, the organized and driven staff members, the patience and reliability of our horses, the oversight and focus of the board, and the smiles and appreciation of the riders, each support one another and work in tandem to create the magical experience that is GallopNYC.

Be a GallopNYC Guardian

Looking for a great gift for the horse lover in your life?  Want to support the horses but not sure how best to accomplish that?  Be a GallopNYC Guardian and champion our herd.  

GallopNYC has been serving people with disabilities in New York City since 2005 thanks to our amazing herd of 40 wonderful horses. The ideal therapy horse is sound, has an unflappable temperament and unlimited heart. Our horses come from many different backgrounds including the show ring, the amateur circuit and the racetrack. Keeping our equine educators happy and healthy is a priority, as the horses are the true heroes of our programs. By becoming a GallopNYC Guardian, you can provide the means necessary to continue the high-quality care of our horses so they can continue their important work. We have many support options available!  

$5,000 Supports one member of the herd for an entire year.  Individuals or group applications are accepted.  GallopNYC Guardians receive a plaque bearing your individual or group name on your horse’s stall, receive an acknowledgement on our website, and enjoy the opportunity to spend time with your horse at our semi-annual Open Houses as well a three-session lesson package. Note: Your riding ability and schedule will determine the horse you use.   

Feed Room Friends. Monthly giving opportunities to provide feed, grain, bedding and supplements ($25, $50, $100).
Healthcare Helpers. Monthly giving opportunities in support of Veterinary, Dental, Chiropractic and Farrier services ($25, $50, $100).

With over 50% of our program participants receiving some type of financial assistance and service personnel participating free, your support of our herd makes it all possible.  Whatever the disability, the horse seems to have an answer.  

Are you ready to become a GallopNYC Guardian? Contact Amy Price, Director of Development at We welcome your most generous gift today!

Get Ready for Our Barn Dance 

Wear your cowboy boots or cocktail attire and join us for a fun and festive evening of dinner, drinks and dancing!  Honoring Charles Boyce of Boyce Technologies.  With your support at our most important annual fundraiser, we can change the lives of New Yorkers. There is much to do and even more to celebrate so mark your calendars and tell your friends. Follow the link for the latest details.

Run the TCS NYC Marathon 

GallopNYC is proud to be an official charity partner of the 2020 TCS New York City Marathon. We’re now accepting inquiries from interested runners via the link below.

This 26.2 mile tour of the five boroughs isn’t just a race to test your physical limits. The iconic New York City Marathon is in its 50th year of inspiring others to give back to their communities, partnering with nonprofits like GallopNYC to raise over $40 million in donations in 2019.

GallopNYC is in our third year of partnership with New York Road Runners, and this year, we’re looking to build a team of passionate, motivated runners who will go the distance to further our mission and believe in ability. For details on how you can participate, follow the link.

Program News

GallopNYC provides a variety of therapeutic and educational programs utilizing our incredible herd of equine educators and facilitated by a dedicated team of 13 instructors.  Although things tend to slow down in winter session to accommodate the weather, our classes continue at Forest Hills, our veterans and leadership programs continue to grow and we look forward to the start of Spring Term effective March 31, 2020. For more information on our programming, visit us online

News From The Board of Directors

James Wilson Appointed Executive Director
After serving as Interim Executive Director for nine months, James M. Wilson has accepted the position of Executive Director of GallopNYC, effective January 1, 2020. The GallopNYC Board of Directors, including Founder Alicia Kershaw, unanimously welcomes James to this well-deserved role.

During his time as Interim Executive Director, James has led our board in a strategic review, to determine the best path forward to achieve our vision that every child with a disability in New York City has access to therapeutic horseback riding. As Executive Director, James will continue to press ahead with our vision. “I am honored to be leading GallopNYC as we press ahead with our vision that everyone with a disability in New York City has access to therapeutic horseback riding.” 

Prior to becoming Executive Director, James served GallopNYC as Direct

Volunteer Today

People choose to #Volunteer for a variety of reasons. For some, it’s the chance to give back to the community, for others it provides an opportunity to develop new skills or build on existing experience and knowledge. Whatever the reason, volunteers make a difference!  A big shout out to The Manhattan Riding Club for their day of service.  We thank you for the gift of time.  

For details on how you can get involved contact our volunteer manager Cheriselle Scott or simply visit us online..

Every day we welcome new friends to Gallop’s social media community. To receive all of our news follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. #GallopNYC #BelieveInAbility. 
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Save the Date

Start of Spring Term: March 31, 2020

Annual Barn Dance: May 14, 2020

Prospect Park Horse Show: June 27, 2020

Sunrise Stables Horse Show: June 28, 2019

Amazon Smile

Did you know GallopNYC can receive donations from Amazon Smile when you shop? Amazon donates 0.5% of the price of your eligible purchases to the charitable organization of your choice!  AmazonSmile is the same Amazon you know – same products, same prices, same service. Support GallopNYC (Giving Alternative Learners Uplifting Opportunities, Inc) by shopping at

About GallopNYC

GallopNYC brings the proven benefits of therapeutic horsemanship to children and adults with disabilities in NYC. Therapeutic horseback riding provides measurable benefits for people with developmental, emotional, social, and physical challenges.  Through weekly riding sessions with PATH Intl.-certified instructors, GallopNYC helps riders walk, talk and learn, inspiring them to live their lives as fully, independently and productively as possible. GallopNYC serves about 400 riders every week at four NYC locations.