Ways to Volunteer in a Group

GallopNYC welcomes groups of volunteers! We’ve had great teams from high schools, colleges, religious organizations, and even friend groups. Group volunteers can support therapeutic lessons, engage in barn work or complete special projects on a one time or on-going basis. Our different locations have different capacities for the number of volunteers and all group volunteers will be asked to complete a brief online orientation as well as the electronic waiver at least a week before the date of service.

Support Theraputic Riding Programs

Therapeutic horsemanship teaches the skills of horseback riding and horse knowledge to build developmental, emotional, social, and physical skills for each individual rider. Under the direction of a PATH International certified instructor, supported by trained volunteers, each rider progressively acquires riding skills and measurable improvements in life skills. Through weekly sessions, we help riders walk, talk, learn and have FUN! Check out our online schedule to see lesson availability.

Volunteer Requirements

  • Age 16+ or by instructor permission
  • Ability to stand and walk for an extended period (at least 30-minute intervals)
  • Ability to briefly jog with the horse and rider

Volunteer Duties

Side Walking
Assist the instructor during therapeutic riding sessions by working directly with the riders. Act as an intermediary between the rider and instructor by assisting the rider in carrying out the instructor’s directions.

Duties and expectations:

  • Help prepare riders for lessons
  • Assist with rider support during mounting and dismounting
  • Walk (and jog) next to the rider throughout the class and provide physical support as necessary
  • Prompt the rider to follow directions given by the instructor
  • As necessary you may be asked to fulfill other important roles

Support therapeutic lessons by lead-walking horses and supporting instructors with lesson preparations.

  • Lead horses during therapeutic riding classes, working with a group of side-walkers, keeping the primary focus on your assigned horse (and not the rider) while maintaining communication with the team.
  • Executes directions of the instructor during therapeutic riding sessions
  • Depending on the site, will bring horses in and out of the arena
  • As necessary you may be asked to fulfill other important roles

Special Groundskeeping Projects

GallopNYC owns and operates two of our four locations, GallopNYC Forest Hills and GallopNYC Lindenwood (Sunrise Stables). Group volunteers can help with special projects around the barn including painting, construction, and maintenance.

To get started email GallopNYC’s Volunteer Manager, Allyn Young at allyn.young@gallopnyc.org including your preferred date of service, the approximate amount of volunteers and your preferred time frame.