18 June 2018

Have you ever really looked …..

… at what’s under your feet?

For a couple of years I’ve been pulling a tall, deep-rooted weed with little yellow flowers without knowing its name. So I sent a photo to the Botanic Gardens asking for help. Nobody knew what it was! But they did guide me to a book called Weeds of the Northeast. I found my weed:

It’s called tumble mustard. After it blooms it goes to seed and dries up, curling into a loose ball. The tall stalk breaks off and rolls like a tumbleweed, scattering seeds everywhere!

I also found, for the first time, a guide to grasses in that book. This was exciting! I’d noticed that there were a lot of different kinds, but I’d never known what to call them. Well, here are some for you:

Slender rush


Orchard grass

Hare barley

Italian rye

Bluegrass – and that stuff growing around it is pineapple weed: If you crush the leaves, it smells like pineapple!