Adopt-A-Horse Program at GallopNYC

Adopting a GallopNYC Horse is a meaningful way to support our hard working therapy ponies and horses. Each member of our herd plays a vital role in our therapeutic horsemanship program with their strength, grace, patience, gentleness and empathy. They are key partners in our mission to change the lives of New Yorkers with disabilities. As our Board Chair says: ” Whatever the disability, the horse seems to have an answer.”

Your Adopt-A-Horse donation will help cover the costs of hay, feed, vet visits, meds, supplements, farrier service and bedding.

You may Adopt-A-Horse at GallopNYC with an annual gift of $5,000.00, which can be paid quarterly, or monthly.

A plaque bearing your name will be placed on the adopted horse’s stall and you will also be acknowledged on our website. You are invited to ride and groom your horse at our semi-annual Open Houses and we welcome visits at other mutually convenient times.

Adopting a horse
A very special way to show you Believe in Ability