Pheonix tests his Human Leaders

GallopNYC’s workshops combine working with Horses with traditional elements of team training, using the discipline of Equine Experiential Education (E3A) to guide goal setting, exercises, debriefing and actionable outcomes. Our program adds the unique element of working with horses to create a memorable and effective team experience. In the sessions, the horses actively participate, representing a work challenge such as a project, a process, or a team dynamic.

The workshop consists of simple yet structured activities followed by a guided debriefing.  No prior horse knowledge is needed.

“What works with a horse works with all living things.” 
Nate McMillan, Indiana Pacers Head Coach 

Based on your team’s objectives, we develop a customized program in which your team is matched with our horses under the guidance of our Program Leaders. Over the course of the workshop, the exercises facilitate insights and allow team members to find success. Exercises simulate organizational and interpersonal challenges that are typical in the workplace, and bring out the strengths of each team member. Program Leaders build on team members’ observations by making clear the parallels between the challenge with a horse to challenges at the office.

 The Horsepower for Team Leadership program includes needs analysis interviews, before and after surveys, an onsite workshop with our horses and trainers, a comprehensive report, and follow up check-ins.

For more information,  contact: Alicia.Kershaw@GallopNYC, 917 602 1733