17 July 2017

Its an ORCHID!

One of my neighbors is the orchid curator at the BBG and I asked him if our mystery plant might possibly be an orchid. He said: Good call Barbara; ’tis an orchid. It is Epipactis helleborine a Eurasian native that is increasingly common in Brooklyn and around the country:

A friend (the same one who gave me the irises and many of our lilies) gave me some cucumber vines this year – and they’re making cucumbers!

The vines are beautiful, climbing up the fence and blooming lavishly. And every flower becomes a cucumber. Can you see the little baby one in the second picture growing where the flower is drying up?

She also gave me a garden flower whose name I should know – but don’t.

And she gave me climbing beans:






The only new wildflower is the Joe Pye weed, just coming into bloom near the masses of bee balm:

As for our exotic lilies… ready, set, GLOW!!!

The garden is having a good summer!