2 May 2013

Meet GallopNYC’s very first HORSE – “Mocha”

On Tuesday April 30,  we took ownership of a rescue horse from Equine Rescue Resource.  This is a major step forward for GallopNYC! and is consistent with the plans we have made to acquire our own horses  – perhaps a bit sooner than expected but as they say – “don’t look a gift horse in the mouth”.  Esp a free one!

The horse, a 15 year old bay gelding named Mocha, was at Cedar Lane Stables, which the NYC Parks department closed.  Jamaica Bay Riding Academy has agreed to board Mocha.

Mocha has a calm and sweet temperament, and is healthy and sound.  He is pretty but does have a high wither (or, to be less polite, a bit of a sway back).  This makes him a  great  TR horse – after all no one at GallopNYC is perfect!   However, he’s a bit of  a couch potato and we will spend some time getting him in shape.

MOCHA AND Dr Farrell

Mocha was donated to Equine Rescue by his owner, Willie.   He has been starved and neglected by a previous owner, and Willie cared for him and brought him back to health over the past year.  He could not afford to board him in the city but had waited until the last minute to deal with the problem and so did not have a home for him as the Cedar Lane closing loomed.  Equine Rescue persuaded Willie to give him to us.   The Parks’ Enforcement Patrol was also very helpful in facilitating our adoption.

We got wind of this on Friday — and the deadline for getting Mocha out of Cedar Lane was 5 pm  Tues.  Had we, PEP and Equine Rescue not rescued Mocha, he could very likely have ended up at a kill auction.  He’s a lucky horse and GallopNYC is lucky to have him.

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