8 June 2017

Meet the horse nettle!

I like weeds, most of them. But, even though they’re pretty, I don’t like horse nettles. Why? Well, for starters, they’re covered with sharp little prickles, even the leaves. And they grow by sending roots sideways under the soil and coming up in unexpected places.  So today I spent most of my time digging out as many as I could find. Did I get them all? I’m sure I didn’t. These were coming up in the new bed behind the bench (where the new rose bush and the wildflowers and the mint and the hostas and irises and lilies are). If you notice any I suggest that you not touch them: they’ll stick you.

I also began pruning back the lilacs – not the tall shoots, but the branches blocking the path.  Can you see where I made my cuts? I hope not: good pruning should be like a good haircut – the kind of haircut that makes you look better, not scalped. I’ll cut those bushes down shorter another time – but meanwhile, they’re out of your way.


What else is happening now? Well, there’s a starling nest in the viburnums (please stay away from it; the birds scold and scold if anyone comes close). Today there was also a dead baby bird on the path, fallen from that nest. Did you know that most baby birds die very young?

The irises are no longer in bloom, but now we have hawkweed, peonies and pink spirea.


The black-eyed Susans are getting ready to bloom, right where you can still see the dead iris flowers, and we have straw bed and primroses!


A lot of plants, wild and cultivated, are coming up in front of the cabin. And the cultivated bishop’s weed has bloomed for the first time! Still miss the spring flowers? I don’t: every change is good. And do you know what’s coming next? Lilies, that’s what! Just you wait!