Our Horses and Ponies

These lovely, patient animals are the key to GallopNYC’s uniquely effective program. All are at the end of their careers and most are rescues. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of horse care, and have won awards and grants for our work with horses.


Mocha is a rescued horse. He is a 15 year old bay gelding with a calm and sweet temperament. Mocha is healthy and pretty but a bit arthritic,  and has a high wither. This makes him a perfect Therapeutic Riding horse – after all no one at GallopNYC is perfect!

Mocha was homeless and faced an uncertain future, perhaps even a kill auction.

We were able to adopt Mocha with the combined efforts of GallopNYC, the NYC Parks Department and Equine Rescue Resource

At GallopNYC we are delighted to have such a great therapeutic horse AND be part of the effort to protect horses in NYC.


Cinnamon is a sweet little pony who was injured and blinded in one eye. Jamaica Bay Riding Academy generously donated her to GallopNYC. She has a gentle willing temperament and is well trained, so she is popular with our more advanced riders as well as our beginners.


Gracie is on lease from the International Riding Camp. She’s a sweet pony who is doing a lot of Hippotherapy because she has a peppy pace!


Zest joined us from a stable where he was under occupied. He’s a beautiful Morgan Haflinger cross and a big favorite among our riders. He’s sturdy and can carry a lot of weight. He’s needed a few manners on the lead but we are training him and he’s a great addition to our team.


Patience is another pony we are leasing from The International Riding Camp, because Gracie reccommended her. She’s a lovely hardworking little pony.

Our Trainer

GallopNYC works with Chris Irwin, an international horse expert, to provide the best possible standards of horsemanship to our herd.