Our Horses and Ponies

These lovely, patient animals are the key to GallopNYC’s uniquely effective program. All are at the end of their careers and most are rescues. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of horse care, and have won awards and grants for our work with horses.

We are proud to be an EQUUS Foundation 2018 Guardian and share our horse care & use practices with the public.

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Gracie is on lease from the International Riding Camp. She’s a sweet pony who is doing a lot of Hippotherapy because she has a peppy pace!


Zest joined us from a stable where he was under occupied. He’s a beautiful Morgan Haflinger cross and a big favorite among our riders. He’s sturdy and can carry a lot of weight. He’s needed a few manners on the lead but we are training him and he’s a great addition to our team.


Patience is another pony we are leasing from The International Riding Camp, because Gracie reccommended her. She’s a lovely hardworking little pony.


Handsome, lovable, patient – that’s Buddy. Buddy has been a favorite among GallopNYC Forest Hill riders since 2010. And no wonder. With his gentle nature, he adapts quickly to riders of all levels and abilities, and is always patient with riders who need a little extra time mounting. New volunteers prize his ability to work with them as they learn the subtleties of lead walking. Buddy loves people and happily greets us when we open his stall door. 


Foxy is a beautiful 14 hand Quarter Horse and Welsh pony mare born in 2005.  She is a retired show pony and well-versed in her training under saddle.  Foxy’s calm and steady demeanor helps bring out the best in GallopNYC’s riders.


Irish is a chestnut Quarter Horse mare born in 2003.  She was trained to be a reining horse, a disipline that requires the horse to be smart and agile to perform specialized movements.  It is a delight to watch this georgous horse move. Irish’s smooth and comfortable gaits helps bring out the best in GallopNYC’s riders.


Sally is a beautiful Paint mare with big blue eyes. Sally is calm and gentle and a favorite amoung GallopNYC Forest Hills riders.  She is happy to carry a wide varity of riders from our littlest riders to adults. 


Joker is a handsome 5 year old Thoroughbred. Don’t let his age fool you, he might be young but he is also very sweet, calm and loves people. Joker is best suited for our advanced riders because he has a very bouncy trot. 


Rosebud is a confident and sure-footed mare with comfortable gaits that is easy to ride. Her gorgous looks and fast pace make her favorite with many young GallopNYC riders. You never have to tell her to “Trot On!” twice.

Butch and Sundance

Butch and Sundance are best friends, who never like to be separated for very long.  Butch (on the left) is a chestnut gelding and will neigh to Sundance when they are not together. Sundance (on the right) is a very handsome little pony. Volunteers love to learn how to lead walk with him because his size it not intimidating and he is very patient. 

Our Trainer

GallopNYC works with Chris Irwin, an international horse expert, to provide the best possible standards of horsemanship to our herd.