31 May 2018

Our Neighbors

The Green is home to many wild creatures. Recently Syrup told me there was a Stranger nearby – and when I looked to see what she was barking at –


We’ve seen the raccoon several times since then (Syrup always finds it first) and my friend who rehabilitates wildlife says it’s probably very young, learning about the neighborhood. If you’re lucky enough to see it, don’t be afraid – and don’t scare it.

We also have lots and lots of birds. When you see a mess on the ground, look up! There’s certainly a nest up above:


We already have baby robins learning to fly. Their parents are very nervous and follow me around scolding because they think I might hurt their babies. And a pair of cardinals must be nesting here too. Here are pictures of Papa Cardinal:


Isn’t he beautiful? Mama Cardinal was there too (she’s not as brightly colored), but she didn’t let me take her picture. The Green is a wonderful place for birds because of all the trees and bushes – and the fruits and berries and insects to eat.

And how is the plant life doing? The irises are putting on the usual show, we have columbines and poppies – and a little vegetable garden with peas, squash, parsley, a tomato and a cucumber plant:


That nice dark stuff around the new veggies is compost from GallopNYC. Thank you!