GallopNYC programs build bonds between people and horses.

Veterans of Armed Conflict enjoy our Leadership Programs!

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A full 86% of parents surveyed agreed that GallopNYC helped their children engage more fully in life. Learn More


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GallopNYC brings the proven benefits of therapeutic horsemanship to provide measurable benefits for people with developmental, emotional, social, and physical challenges. 

Through weekly riding sessions with PATH-certified instructors, we help riders learn new skills, inspiring each one to live life as fully, productively and independently as possible.

GallopNYC serves hundreds of riders every week at six NYC locations. GallopNYC is committed to serving low-income families, since they are more likely to lack access to adequate services.

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In Hippotherapy, a licensed physical therapist works with each child while the child is riding. The therapist is trained in using a horse as a physical therapy tool. The therapists work independently with GallopNYC’s assistance.


GallopNYC offers recreational riding at our locations. Lessons are open to all, including people with and without disabilities. 


GallopNYC has developed an innovative program to help young people transition to work, by developing specific job skills needed for gainful employment. 

Developed with funding from Autism Speaks, this program is suitable for any group of riders who want help fitting into the world of work.

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GallopNYC is honored to receive a Christopher and Dana Reeve Quality of Life grant to support our therapeutic riding program for people with multiple sclerosis,  in partnership with the National Multiple Sclerosis Society’s New York City – Southern New York chapter.  

Our evaluations show measurable benefits to our riders – improving balance, coordination and muscle tone, as well as building self-confidence.


The capable handling of horses requires responsibility, leadership, and trust. GallopNYC’s Leadership Program helps develop these skills in team-building work with horses. 

Through the exploration of non-verbal communication with horses, GallopNYC’s Leadership Program  help executives and their teams better understand leadership and team dynamics.

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A leadership program for war veterans with visible and/or invisible injuries, designed to build competence, confidence and leadership. 

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Horse Education

We offer free Horse Education sessions to the public,  which offer the opportunity to meet a horse and have a brief introductory riding lesson.

Horse Ed Details

The sessions are offered on weekends at:

  • GallopNYC Sunrise Stables
  • The Bowlng Green    

Sessions are first come – first served. The length of the session will vary depending on the number of riders we need to accomodate. 

Therapeutic Riding Works!

Therapeutic horseback riding has shown measurable benefits for the people we serve – people with developmental, emotional, social, and physical challenges. We measure the benefits at every lesson and produce a complex analysis of results.

Our own measurement shows important skills development.

Develop Appropriate Level of Social Interaction: 

73% of riders with this goal improved

Attention Span/Focus:

80% of riders with this goal improved

Level of Verbal  Ability:

63% of riders with this goal al improved

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Research Shows that Therapeutic Riding Works

For a comprehensive listing of research see our bibliography.

For selected recent research click here

Horses and Humans

Independent Evaluations and Research Confirm our Results

An important study of GallopNYC was conducted by a Bain/Deloitte group for pro bono consulting, INSPIRE.  

The report, based on interviews with parents and experts in the field, concluded that:

-Participant survey was in consensus; respondent comments showed high degree of parent excitement over psychological benefits as well as physical benefits

-86% of survey respondents see improvements in riders’ ability to engage in life more fully/ independently

•Overwhelmingly, survey participants are “promoters” of GallopNYC demonstrating high confidence in the benefits of GallopNYC’s programming

A Capstone Report and an MS INC study also confirmed our results

Capstone,  a project of NYU’s Wagner School, found a high level of demand.

MS INC,  a joint project of Morgan Stanley and Youth INC, confirmed parent satisfaction.

INSPIRE also found:

-Knowledgeable staff and volunteers are important to the success of the programing

-Children are enthusiastic about the sessions and look forward to attending


For a comprehensive listing of research see our bibliography.

For selected recent research click here