5 March 2018

Renovations Lift GallopNYC Forest Hills To New Heights







Renovations Lift GallopNYC Forest Hills To New Heights

Thanks to an anonymous donor, GallopNYC Forest Hills has been transformed! We gave our new site a much needed facelift creating a spacious welcoming lobby, a wheelchair accessible bathroom and gallery of riders’ photos and artwork.  

We also installed a new SureHands lift system in our arena, funded by a generous grant from The Hyde and Watson Foundation. The lift helps riders with limited mobility mount our horses with safety and ease – and has also allowed us to expand our ridership to more adults and larger riders.

The Very Best Tack for our Horses

Who wore it best: Buddy, Rosebud, or Sundance? GallopNYC horses are happy, comfortable, and looking chic in their beautiful new saddles. A huge THANK YOU to Kim Charlton and Stephen Meringoff for their generous support of our horse care and equipment, and to the Selig Family for donating nearly new equipment.  The new tack has been customized by Manhattan Saddlery experts to fit each horse, maximizing their comfort and freedom of movement, and keeping our horses at their best!