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Show you Believe in Ability – Sponsor a Ribbon Today!

At GallopNYC we see successes every single day in our riding arena, but once a year we have a special opportunity to celebrate our riders – our annual Ride With Pride Horse Show!  GallopNYC awards each one of our riders a big Blue Championship Ribbon.  This ribbon celebrates each rider’s courage, hard work and infinite abilities. 

Sponsor a Champion Ribbon and show you Believe in Ability!

Here’s what the parent of a rider shared with us:His Ride with Pride Horse Show Blue Ribbon is tremendously valuable as it is a symbol of his success and all his hard work.  The progress he has made with GallopNYC physically, emotionally and socially has carried over into everything else he does.  It’s gratifying to see something he loves so much have such positive impact on his life – and on our lives too.”  Parent

Sponsor a Ribbon!