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A Note from Paul Hinton, Sam's Father:

GallopNYC changes the lives of New Yorkers with disabilities through the benefits of therapeutic riding.  For over five years now, Sam has been riding with GallopNYC.  I invite you to follow Sam's progress through his regular hippotherapy sessions in the Sam Fan Club Facebook page here.  And  I hope you will join me in supporting GallopNYC's commitment to serving low-income and middle-income families and making therapeutic riding accessible to all!

Therapeutic riding brings Sam great joy and excitement.  At the same time it helps him develop his posture, core strength, head control and sense of empowerment.  He learns to communicate in new ways with his instructor, his horse and the GallopNYC volunteers.  The impact of the program has made our entire family big fans of GallopNYC.

GallopNYC brings benefits of therapeutic riding into the lives of thousands of other New Yorkers with disabilities. Every time I take Sam riding I see other families and riders who get as much joy, excitement and reward from their sessions as Sam. This impact, and GallopNYC’s commitment to low-income New Yorkers, and vision of making therapeutic riding accessible to all New Yorkers with disabilities, led me to join the Board. I also did a PBS interview about Sam’s experience with GallopNYC, which you can view below.

Your support will help us reach our vision that all New Yorkers with disabilities have access to the benefits of therapeutic riding.

Thank you for Believing in Ability.

Paul Hinton, Sam’s father and GallopNYC Board member 

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