19 April 2016

Spring is Here!

Spring is well under weigh!
The strip of flowers along Caton is spectacular:

White cabbage butterflies have been feeding there in such numbers that people stop to stare at them. Why are they called “cabbage” butterflies? Because they lay their eggs on cabbage plants and the caterpillars eat the leaves. Farmers hate them – but I think they’re pretty. The violets have spread into a purple carpet:

The flowering crab apple tree in the woodsy corner is also in bloom:

Nobody planted that tree: the seed was dropped by a bird. Did the bird carry the seed in its beak? No… the bird ate the tiny fruit of the parent tree, digested it – and planted this one by accident when the undigested seed came out the other end. Here are the trees that made the fruit that was eaten by the bird that dropped the seed:


You can see them on the traffic circle.
And here is our new garden area:
Now that the corral has been given a new shape, this corner is bigger and I’m planting a lot of flowers there. By next summer it will be really beautiful: image009-2

More to come; stay tuned.
And welcome back!

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