12 October 2018

Stepping into Fall

It’s been an educational summer for me: I’ve continued to study grasses (being surprised to learn that, like other kinds of plants, they don’t all bloom at once). Two in bloom right now are barnyard grass (which looks like a little corn plant and makes kernels when it sets seed) and the beautiful witch grass.


There have also been all kinds of mushrooms sprouting, probably because of all the lovely rain. We have wood ears and crowds of little mushrooms on the stump near the bench:


There are also other beautiful fungi growing nearly everywhere. The ones on my kitchen table are puffballs (one a giant!) that I brought home to cook. Here are some others:



I wish I knew the names of these gorgeous things, but I don’t. You can get information about all kinds of stuff online, but you have to know what to call it. I’ll have to see about getting a good fungus guide. But one thing I do know: a lot of mushrooms look alike and it would be a Big Mistake to eat any without being absolutely sure. (Puffballs are foolproof.)

What else is going on at the Green? Well, the Fall display of asters and thoroughworts has begun:



And the beautyberry bushes are laden with purple berries:



Morning glories, pink and purple, are everywhere, and the black-eyed Susans are ever with us:


We have some canna lilies in bloom near the corral – and on one of them I found the biggest bee I had ever seen. And it was – what?!? – eating the flower! If you pay attention, there is no end to the surprises…