7 September 2017

Summer’s End

The new things on the Green are the wildflower bed (which is still blooming) and another new bed in which tomatoes are ripening and some sort of vine in the squash family is spreading itself around (it still hasn’t fruited so I don’t know what it is).

Last year I was promised that the strip between the border fence and the cabin would no longer be mowed or whacked, so it’s been under cultivation. One end remains wild, with pokeweeds, various climbing vines, amaranth and assorted grasses and weedy things:

But about halfway along, the fence has been cleared of bindweed – and on the opposite side you can see flowers:

Towards the corral the fence is covered again, but this time with stringbean vines and purple morning glories:

I hope you’ll enjoy both the changes and the ongoing cycle of flowering things. Right now the goldenrods are beginning to fade – but the first asters are opening.