What does a Gardener DO?

Well, we dig and water and weed and plant – but we also pay attention and try to work with the soil and light conditions. And we are the most hopeful people you’ll ever meet: we know that something good is always just around the corner. Right now the gloriously blooming strip along Caton has […]

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Flowers! Already!

We have snowdrops: And crocuses: And the wonderful-smelling winter honeysuckle: All the bulbs on the Caton Strip are up, ready to bloom soon and even the rosebushes are sending out new growth: It’s going to be a wonderful spring!

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Spring is Here!

Spring is well under weigh! The strip of flowers along Caton is spectacular: White cabbage butterflies have been feeding there in such numbers that people stop to stare at them. Why are they called “cabbage” butterflies? Because they lay their eggs on cabbage plants and the caterpillars eat the leaves. Farmers hate them – but […]

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It’s so hot today that the horses wouldn’t be out — but I was. The day lilies are finished for the year, the Easter lilies have sounded their trumpets and are once more invisible amidst all the surrounding greenery; now other kinds of lilies take center stage: And we have abundant bee balm (see the […]

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