30 September 2017

The Deep Purple Fall

The year has turned: nights are longer than days and the last of the fruits and flowers are here.

We have morning glories (purple and pink) and purple amaranth, masses of purple beautyberries


and asters everywhere:


If you look carefully at the asters picture, perhaps you’ll see the bees feasting on the nectar. Asters are the last important food source for bees when fall comes.

But bees aren’t the only hungry things on the Green. This year a friend gave me some cantaloupe seedlings, but when the fruit started to form:

Whatever chewed my cantaloupes also got several tomatoes. Could it be rats? Squirrels? My bet is on the squirrels. But the Green is a wild place, and there have been raccoons and possums there too.

And what have I been doing? Well, pruning down the lilacs, cutting the spent goldenrod stalks – and digging out and transplanting the mint trying to take over the wildflower bed.

Here’s how it looks with half the mint dug out; the green stuff on the right is the mint I haven’t removed yet.

There’s a way to go before winter comes. Keep watch with me.