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Veteran Riding Programs

GallopNYC provides free lessons to Veterans. We offer two different equine programs for Veterans, one is a riding program and the other includes horse care and groundwork. Veterans will have the opportunity to experience the confidence from learning to be in charge of a large herd animal, the competence in the skills learned, and the leadership that a horse demands before it agrees to accept our commands.

Why Horses and Veterans?

“Horses are highly reactive and mimic human emotion requiring calm, clear, intentional communication which promote awareness, self-control, and impulse modulation. Working with horses offers instant and constant feedback to participants, requires physical strength and balance, and is highly motivational, combining to make an exceptionally effective environment for leadership and personal growth.” – Horses and Humans Foundation.

“Horses can sense your emotions and feelings… If you are tense, they are going to be tense. If you are anxious, they are going to be anxious. Especially, if you are in pain, they are going to sense you are in pain as well.” – A Soldier’s War on Pain, New York Times, May 11,2014


Our Veterans Program


Veterans in our groundwork program will learn how to care for our horses and gain important communication skills as they learn how to work with horses on the ground. Groundwork includes grooming and tacking, lead walking, lunging, and additional horse care.  Through communicating with the horse, veterans learn important non-verbal communication skills. 


Riding Lessons

During our riding program veterans will not only learn how to ride a horse, but we will set individualized goals to see measurable improvements in life skills.  Many participants have reported decreased anxiety and depression, become more focused at work, and gained valuable leadership skills. 


Join our supportive community! Volunteer to help with barn work or support our riders during therapeutic riding lessons by leading or walking alongside the horse and supporting riders. 

Home Depot Gallops to Help Veterans

GallopNYC and Home Depot team up to renovate stables to help veterans suffering from PTSD.

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GallopNYC FY18 Audited Financials

Our Staff

GallopNYC’s talented and passionate employees are motivated by the sense of purpose that comes with our mission and programs.  Many of our staff first started their career at GallopNYC as a volunteer.

Board of Directors

GallopNYC is led by a Board of Directors dedicated to our mission. Our talented Board of Directors are professionals with accomplishments in business, government, professional services, and philanthropy.

Advisory Council

Our Council of Advisors are eminent supporters of our therapeutic programing, consisting of avid equestrians, medical professionals, educators, parents, and a wide variety of advisors.

Founders & Emeritus Board

GallopNYC was founded as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in 2005. During the 2007-08 academic year, GallopNYC began lessons with one instructor, ten participants, and about fifteen regular volunteers.

Rising Professionals

Our Rising Professional Group help to make GallopNYC events a fun and memorable occasion.  They are dedicated to organizing, planning, and fundraising for events and activities that support our riders.

2017 CHAR500
2017 GallopNYC 990 and CHAR 500
2017 Signed 990 CHAR 500 and Audited Fin(3)

Volunteer in Lessons

Volunteers play a very important role in our therapeutic riding lessons. In fact, we can’t have lessons without you. Volunteers support our riders during therapeutic riding sessions by sidewalking with riders and leading our horses.

Barn Work

Taking care of horses sure is a lot of work! We need volunteers to help us with all kinds of tasks from horse care, barn management, feeding, and even cleaning stalls. 

Site Leader

As a Site Leader, you will assist instructors to ensure that on-site activities operate smoothly, especially with regards to volunteers, riders, staff, and any other on-site personnel. 

Paddock Master

Make a difference and help our lessons run better. Paddock Masters volunteers are designated to assist instructors during therapeutic riding sessions by ensuring horses are tacked and ready for use, and all necessary equipment is available to allow lessons to proceed in a timely fashion.

Clerical Volunteer

Like to stay indoors? We need volunteers to help GallopNYC staff with office work and to ensure that on-site activities operate smoothly, especially with regards to volunteers, riders, and any other on-site personnel.

Volunteer Community

Become a member of GallopNYC’s volunteer community – The Turnout! The Turnout is a social club for volunteers to connect with one another through hands on experience, learning and good times. Deepen your therapeutic riding and horse knowledge, and stay abreast of all the volunteer events!

Therapeutic Riding

GallopNYC brings the proven benefits of therapeutic horsemanship to provide measurable benefits for people with developmental, emotional, social, and physical challenges.  Through weekly riding sessions with PATH-certified instructors, we help riders learn new skills, inspiring each one to live life as fully, productively and independently as possible.


GallopNYC provides horsemanship leadership programs to veterans free of charge. Therapeutic horsemanship is effective with veterans for both physical and emotional rehabilitation. GallopNYC’s therapeutic horsemanship program for veterans focuses on interactions with horses and builds upon improving personal decision-making and self-regulation.


GallopNYC offers a free program for local seniors, 65 and older. Participants have the opportunity to socialize, mingle, learn new skills, work with our horses, and volunteer with our riders.  This program focuses on groundwork and techniques in leadwalking and sidewalking, to better assist our riders during therapeutic riding lessons.


In Hippotherapy, a licensed physical therapist works with each child while the child is riding. The therapist is trained in using a horse as a physical therapy tool. The therapists work independently with GallopNYC’s assistance.


GallopNYC has developed an innovative program to help young people transition to work, by developing specific job skills needed for gainful employment.

Equestrian Team

The GallopNYC Equestrian Team sponsored by Centennial Bank is a group of our advanced riders who participate in competitions for riders with disabilities at United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) rated hunter jumper shows.