Veterans Riding Programs

GallopNYC provides free lessons to veterans. We offer two different equine programs for veterans, one is a riding program and the other includes horse care and groundwork. Veterans will have the opportunity to experience the confidence from learning to be in charge of a large herd animal, the competence in the skills learned, and the leadership that a horse demands before it agrees to accept our commands.

Why Horses and Veterans?

“Horses are highly reactive and mimic human emotion requiring calm, clear, intentional communication which promote awareness, self-control, and impulse modulation. Working with horses offers instant and constant feedback to participants, requires physical strength and balance, and is highly motivational, combining to make an exceptionally effective environment for leadership and personal growth.” – Horses and Humans Foundation.

“Horses can sense your emotions and feelings… If you are tense, they are going to be tense. If you are anxious, they are going to be anxious. Especially, if you are in pain, they are going to sense you are in pain as well.” – A Soldier’s War on Pain, New York Times, May 11,2014


Our Veterans Program


Veterans in our groundwork program will learn how to care for our horses and gain important communication skills as they learn how to work with horses on the ground. Groundwork includes grooming and tacking, lead walking, lunging, and additional horse care.  Through communicating with the horse, veterans learn important non-verbal communication skills. 


Riding Lessons

During our riding program veterans will not only learn how to ride a horse, but we will set individualized goals to see measurable improvements in life skills.  Many participants have reported decreased anxiety and depression, become more focused at work, and gained valuable leadership skills. 


Join our supportive community! Volunteer to help with barn work or support our riders during therapeutic riding lessons by leading or walking alongside the horse and supporting riders. 

Home Depot Gallops to Help Veterans

GallopNYC and Home Depot team up to renovate stables to help veterans suffering from PTSD.