Horse Programs for Veterans Of Armed Conflict

Learning Horsemanship strengthens Competence, Confidence and Leadership.

GallopNYC provides Horsemanship Leadership programs to Veterans free of charge. All classes are lead by a PATH Int’l Certified instructor. Every rider will experience the Confidence of learning to be in charge of a large herd animal, the Competence of skills learned, and the Leadership that a horse demands before it agree to accept our commands.

Why Horses and Veterans?

Horses are highly reactive and mimic human emotion- requiring calm, clear, intentional communication which promote awareness, self-control, and impulse modulation. Working with horses offers instant and constant feedback to participants, requires physical strength and balance, and is highly motivational- combining to make an exceptionally effective environment for leadership and personal growth. Horses and Humans Foundation.

“[Horses] can sense your emotions and feelings. . . . If you are tense, they are going to be tense. If you are anxious, they are going to be anxious. Especially, if you are in pain, they are going to sense you are in pain as well.”  A Soldier’s War on Pain, New York Times, May 11,2014 

Equine Therapy is Effective

Equine Therapy has shown to be effective in treating patients, including combat    veterans, with PTSD, depression, anxiety, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder,  conduct disorders, dissociative disorders and other chronic mental illnesses. Journal of  the American Medical Association Give us a brief description of the work you’ve meticulously created.

VA approved

More than 30 VA Medical Centers participate in Equine Assisted Activities (EAA) programs all around the US,  as noted by the Supervisory Recreation Therapist Department of Veterans Affairs. Horses and Humans Research Foundation

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Download our Brochure here: Veterans’ Horsemanship Programs Flyer

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A Soldier’s War on Pain, New York Times, May 11, 2014

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