We have a number of riders who use Self-Directed Services. Our Therapeutic Riding program qualifies as a community class. Here is the information you need to pay for our riding class using self-direction.

Riding with Self-Directed Services through Medicaid


  • It’s adaptive horseback riding in a community class. The program name “Therapeutic” can be misleading. Although our riders benefit therapeutically, the class is not taught by a physical therapist and is not Clinical therapy. 
  • It’s open to the public. Our riding program does not require a diagnosis — we believe anyone can benefit from horsemanship! Riders will interact with other riders, instructors, staff and volunteers with and without disabilities.
  • The fee is $55 per lesson. Full tuition for our riding program is $550 per term for 10 lessons, which works out as $55 per 30-minute lesson. Riders who use Self-Direction for payment will receive an invoice before the 5th of the month for the previous month.  Riders are responsible for submitting this invoice for payment.
  • Our schedule is available. We ride in 10-week semesters by season, Tuesday through Sunday, 9am-7pm.


    • Winter: January – March
    • Spring: April – June
    • Summer: July – August
    • Fall: September – November
  • Your FI can pay directly. Contact us to set up direct payment.