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GallopNYC is New York City's Premier
Therapeutic Riding Program

Through effective therapeutic riding lessons, we have changed the lives of thousands of New Yorkers over the past fifteen years. Prior to the COVID-19 crisis, GallopNYC was offering lessons to nearly 500 adults and children with disabilities each week. Our riders included more than 100 students each week from District 75 schools. GallopNYC offers an array of deceptively simple programs - certified instructors teach horse riding and horsemanship skills to people. Our students are learning skills like how to saddle their horse, and how to use the reins and their legs to direct the horse. In reality we are teaching more than these skills.

Riders learn how to plan ahead and expect what their horse is going to do. They learn patience with themselves and their horse. They gain fine and gross motor skills, balance, coordination, core strength, dexterity, and how to better control where their body is in space.Riders also develop better skills to regulate their emotions and to be a leader.

Testimonials from Our Community

Looking into the future: In the near term, GallopNYC’s is focused on making a significant investment in youth leadership development and workforce preparedness to enhance our therapeutic riding programs.We envision leadership development and job skills programs underpinning many of our programs. We have the capacity and the ability to utilize our horses and barns to not only teach necessary life skills, but then to foster job development that will help support the therapeutic riding programs. The skills that participants will learn are the skills necessary to work - skills like goal setting, self management, self-advocacy, agency, empathy and community.

Recent Press

Rider Jeanne, wearing a purple jacket and riding helmet, sits on a horse with a white blaze on his nose. Jeanne participates in a balancing activity, hands up in the air. She is assisted by two volunteers, one lead walking the horse and the other spotting.

The New York Times: Riding Program for Disabled Children Finds Stables It Can Call Home

“You have people whose lives are pretty circumscribed — a lot of our riders have one-on-one aides and very little freedom,” Ms. Kershaw said. “They get on the horse and they can tell the horse where to go, and where they can’t go. It’s really a feeling of power. It gives them a sense of possibility they don’t often feel.”

New York Horse Magazine: When I Look Out There,  I Don’t See A Kid With Disabilities.

“More pages fill the wall. Horses with heart-shaped wings. Rainbow horses. Butterfly horses. A blue “secret dragon” horse with silver wings and tail. In them, the drawings and words, find the smiles and laughter of children who may have otherwise never spoken a word. Find the hugs, kisses and pats showered upon each horse; the difference made physically, socially and emotionally by these patient and gentle four-legged teachers.”


The Gardens Living Magazine: Changing Lives In Forest Park, One Ride at a Time.

“GallopNYC offers over 400 weekly therapeutic riding lessons at four different locations in NYC in Queens, Brooklyn and the Bronx, including GallopNYC Forest Hills and Sunrise Stables in Howard Beach. Their programs include private and group therapeutic riding lessons, programs for Veterans, leadership programs for young people with disabilities, and programs for older adults. They also offer horse education programs to volunteers, Boy and Girl Scout programs, and recreational riding lessons, including lessons on the Bridle Path in Forest Park.”