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GallopNYC is seeking candidates for the following open positions

Managing Director

GallopNYC seeks a Managing Director who will be responsible for the day-to-day financial, facility and programmatic operations of GallopNYC. This position works closely with the executive director and provides supervision for the Program and Barn Directors, bookkeeper, and various consulting services that include human resources, accounting, government contracts, and IT-related services.

Leadership & Job Skills Coordinator

Develop a strong and meaningful support system at GallopNYC for people with disabilities. Those systems will allow them to learn job skills and to be successful working at GallopNYC and beyond. This role includes recruiting, training, mentoring and program design.

Recreational Riding Instructor

Bring professionalism and high quality teaching to GallopNYC riders by offering structured, well planned, individualized horsemanship lessons.

Associate Program Manager

Support the Program Manager to ensure quality of services, personal and warm interactions and a positive experience for riders, teachers, staff, volunteers and parents.

PATH Certified Trainer

Barn Groom