Leadership & Job Skills Program

GallopNYC’s Leadership and Job Skills Program uses horseback riding, horse care, and barn management to instill lessons on leadership, responsibility, teamwork, communication, self-advocacy, and empathy.
Our participants spend a portion of their time assisting the children with disabilities in our therapeutic riding program, these teens gain a sense of purpose. GallopNYC provides a unique and motivating setting for a youth development program. Working with horses demands building trust, empathy, and mindfulness – all important leadership skills. By learning horseback riding skills and horse care, the teens develop good work habits, effective communication, and problem-solving – all of which lead to successful outcomes for our participants.

Sign Up / Register

If you are new to GallopNYC and are interested in signing up, please visit http://gallopnyc.org/programs/rider-signup/ and fill in our online inquiry form. We will collect basic information about the prospective participant and work with you to find a good lesson time. You may be required to be on our waiting list until a spot opens up.  If you are on our waiting list, we will contact you when we have an opening.

We set our lesson schedule about 6 weeks before the session begins – in August for the Fall session, in December for the Winter session, in March for the Spring session, and in May for the Summer session.  After we’ve found a spot for you in our schedule, we will send you the relevant forms that must be filled out and signed prior to beginning lessons. The only form that needs another person’s signature is the medical form, which must be signed by the rider’s physician.

Prior to beginning actual lessons, riders with physical disabilities must be evaluated by GallopNYC’s Physical Therapist before enrolling. We will discuss this with you after we have more information about the rider’s physical condition. You may email us at info@GallopNYC.org with questions.